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Journal Kit - Farmhouse


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Our Farmhouse printable junk journal furnishes you with a custom journal that you can create for yourself or for someone special.

The relaxed and stylish look and feel of this journal kit will motivate you to really immerse yourself in whatever you are journalling. Is it for personal growth, or an inspiring art journal? How about for a food, exercise or hobby bullet journal with all of your thoughts and ideas. Whatever you decide, make this handmade journal an adventure for yourself....who knows where it'll take you?

This journal kit coordinates with our Farmhouse Collection which allows you to purchase many more papers and embellishments to further personalize and customize your journal.

Included in this digital kit:

  • 8 Double pages that are each uniquely created and coordinated. The pages are 5 x 7 when folded and you can always print more to add to your journal as needed.
  • 1 Arrow cluster with the wooden-look arrows, flowers and a metal tag for love.
  • 2 Bellybands in two distinct styles. Glue only the ends to your page to use these as photo or note holders, or use them as washi tape to further embellish your customized journal.
  • 1 Frame element that works well for a photo or a special journal or art area.
  • 3 Heart embellishments to encourage you to adorn your pages how you see them in your mind's eye
  • 3 Labels with lined areas for you to personalize. Use these for titles, dates, places or to highlight a specific journalling note
  • 3 Metal tag elements, each with a different blank word tag for you to fill in. Use these to stylize your journal pages
  • 1 Square floral embellishment that adds beauty and grace
  • 4 Tab elements to use to easily find areas in your journal
  • 1 Window cluster element....the epitome of this journal's style!

    **Printing instructions file included with this kit**

    **Journal Kits are not available for use or sale by License Holders**

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