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FQB - Harvest Delights


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So I believe I already told you of my great love for fabric, right? and I seem to remember mentioning how I love quilts, right? Though it's true that I have yet to attempt to make one in "real life" that doesn't stop me from happily browsing through all those gorgeous co-ordinated fat quarters at my local quilt shoppe. Well all those darling little bundles tied with pretty bows are the inspiration for my series of kits appropriately named "FAT QUARTER BUNDLES".

My "Harvest Delights" Collection is yet another in this FQB series! My "Harvest Delights" Collection conjures up the thoughts, sights and sounds of fall. The maturing of the smiling sunflowers, the orange plumpness of a pumpkin and the fall leaves that change colour to all shades. It is one of my most favorite times of year as the harvest from the garden comes in and so do we. We start to begin our cocooning for the winter, and tuck ourselves into warm sweaters and smell stewing food on the stove. I hope that you can "delight" in this harvest collection, and that it helps you to create what fall means to you!


  • 22 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various Fall colours and patterns)
  • 2 Bows - now tuck them in carefully as the wind picks up
  • 1 Branch with the colour changing leaves
  • 6 Buttons - in case you lose one on your coat
  • 1 Fence - Note: does not keep out critters well
  • 1 Fence with fall display - all grew well this year?
  • 4 Gourds - if you print them, you'll see how dry they are!
  • 1 Jewelry tag
  • 3 Journal tags - blank
  • 7 Leaves - Of the various types and shades of Fall
  • 1 Mat - no crumbs on it
  • 6 Pumpkins - great for making pies...or pie pages I guess
  • 5 Ribbons to tie up your bounty
  • 2 Ricrac
  • 1 Scarecrow - if 1 doesn't do the trick, you know what to do!
  • 2 Sunflowers - each a single head
  • 1 Sunflowers - grouped in 3
  • 1 Wheelbarrow - Filled up with my extra harvest - help yourself!
  • 1 Paintchip

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