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FQB - Great Expectations


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So I believe I already told you of my great love for fabric, right? and I seem to remember mentioning how I love quilts, right? Though it's true that I have yet to attempt to make one in "real life" that doesn't stop me from happily browsing through all those gorgeous co-ordinated fat quarters at my local quilt shoppe. Well all those darling little bundles tied with pretty bows are the inspiration for my series of kits appropriately named "FAT QUARTER BUNDLES".

My "Great Expectations" Collection is yet another in this FQB series! My "Great Expectations" Collection is the first in a series of 3 baby themed Collections. Yup, you asked for it, so here it is!! This first Collection is all about the time from finding out the joyful news until that bundle of joy enters your world. I have tried to include everything that you will need(not in real life, mind you...) to record your memories of this time in your and the baby's life. Everything from a frame for sonogram photos to the birth announcement.....that's about how it goes, doesn't it?? I have created everything in boy and girl genres so no worries about that day when you find out, you'll be prepared! I hope that you can enjoy each step as it comes, as I have with creating these Collections.


  • 25 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 2 Announcement sheets (1 boy and 1 girl)
  • 4 Baby bundles in different ethnicities and sexes
  • 1 Border in "Baby"
  • 1 Border in "Congratulations" (cause they are in order!)
  • 4 Bows (doesn't everyone put a bow on the baby's head?)
  • 3 Brads (not recommended for holding diapers together)
  • 2 Clusters of ribbon, bow and rattle (in, of course, boy and girl colours)
  • 6 Flowers in various colours
  • 4 Frames (great for all those photos that will be taken)
  • 1 Frame cluster (great for sonogram photos, first photo, etc.)
  • 1 Journal mat without words to let you say what you need to. (It would make kind of a cute baby blankie, if you look at it)
  • 1 Journal tag - blank
  • 1 "Baby Shower" word art (and no, this doesn't count as your Shower gift!)
  • 1 Quilt square with a baby quote on it
  • 1 Ribbon cluster with all the things that you need for this new life
  • 4 Rose buds in different colours
  • 4 Storks (and a "partridge in a pear tree...")
  • 4 Strings (not for stringing up someone who didn't attend the birth)
  • 2 Congrats tags - (one in ___, and one in ____, can you fill in the balnks without looking?)
  • 1 Word art "Baby on Board"
  • 1 Word art "We are Expecting" (this might be a simple "print" and put a stamp on it!)
  • 1 Word art "Mommy 2 Be" and 1 "Mummy 2 Be" for those different spellings we all have
  • 1 Word Art "Getting ready for Baby"
  • 1 Word art "Special Delivery"
  • 1 paintchip

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    by mary gaddy
    Date Added: 06/05/2010
    I love your new collection and am expecting my first grandchild in Dec. Have you thought about adding grandparents in your great-expectations word art? Even without grandparents included I still love it.It is so great to see a kit that starts with the pregnacy.


    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 04 June, 2010.

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