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Knick Knack - Seams To Me - Collage


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Don't you just love the look of this collage Knick Knack where each time you look at it, you see something else???

What better way to create such interest in your cards, layouts and home decor pieces than with such an eye catching main element?! Did you see the custom tape measure, how about the black stitching that attaches pieces together or the small blue flower that brings out that colour to your eye.....see what I mean about a collage?? Now add in the decoupage pieces to enhance this element even more and you have a true masterpiece for your next card, layout or framed DIY home decor piece as shown above. This Knick Knack coordinates with our Abigail Collection to give you papers and even more embellishments as optional enhancements.


  • 13 Separate images including the collage element. Feel free to use all of the decoupage images, or just are the one to decide what your finished piece looks like. Perfect this even more using the coordinating Abigail Collection that includes the patterned papers and additional embellishments to choose from.

  • Check out our tutorial video on resizing and working with the Knick Knacks on our Nitwit Collections YouTube Channel if you need a little help.

  • Knick Knack products are not available for Digital License holders to use "as is" (Printed License is fine). Must use other elements to add to this image to create something new.

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