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FQB - Hello Baby Girl Collection


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FQB "Hello Baby Girl" Collection gracefully brings forth a baby girl kit that is every bit as spectacular as the baby herself! This upscale baby kit gives you so many options that creating multiple layouts and cards will be a joy.

Preserving and celebrating the memories of your newborn baby girl is something that we'd all like to do and this digital kit gives you everything you need to commemorate those milestone baby moments from birth, right through the first year. Wonderfully easy to create with, the journal cards contain so many special moments from her first word, step and tooth to the colourful background papers, pram, rattle, bib and so much more! Creating your baby girl's scrapbook album or cards along the way are so easy with this'll be able to relive these memories forever.

See each individual paper and element of this entire Collection on our Nitwit Collections YouTube Channel to get the full scoop!!


  • 58 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 3 Arrow elements each created in different colours and patterns to suit your creativity
  • 1 Arrow - "Remember These Moments"
  • 1 Baby bib just waiting to add to those "feeding" themed scrapbook layouts and cards
  • 3 Baby block elements....the A, B and C - a great beginning!
  • 4 Borders to add such interest to your project with colour and pattern
  • 2 Baby bottles, one in a lighter colour and one in a darker tone
  • 5 Bows, in double bow form which create the perfect digital element to add charm and flair to your mini albums, scrapbooking layouts and cards
  • 9 Buttons in two different shapes and all of the coordinating colours of this digital baby girl kit
  • 3 Elephants to add the charm and sweetness that we all want to convey
  • 5 Flowers clusters with varying offerings of leaves, flowers and positions
  • 6 Baby photo frames - we thought you may have one or two photos!ha,ha Simply covered to let the photo retain the spotlight and give you the ability to adorn them the way you see fit
  • 1 Hello Baby Title Card written with a lovely font and well embellished. The perfect front page to any baby girl scrapbook album or card
  • 1 Baby journal card - "I Love You...."
  • 2 Baby journal cards with sentiments we'd love to repeat to our new baby girl while cradling her in our arms. One in brown and one in pink to perfectly suit your design ideas
  • 2 Lined journal pads to give you beautiful cards to write your memories or sentiments on
  • 5 Blank journal strips that allow you to personalize your scrapbooking layouts and cards. Make your creations as special as this new baby girl!
  • 1 Exquisite label - "Our Darling Little One"
  • 1 Label - "Cherish...." such emotion and thought in a must use label
  • 1 Label - "Hello Baby...." with a vintage feel
  • 2 Labels - "Baby Girl....." one in a lighter cream and one in brown to compliment any colour palette
  • 12 Month stickers for you to create for the entire first year of your baby's life
  • 1 My First baby milestone journal card - "My First Bath"
  • 1 My First baby milestone journal card - "My First Haircut"
  • 1 My First baby milestone journal card - "My First Word"
  • 1 My First baby milestone journal card - "My First Steps"
  • 1 My First baby milestone journal card - "My First Tooth"
  • 1 My First baby milestone journal card - "My First" with a space for you to place in what this special moment is, as well as record their date and age (a great way to use the Hello Baby Girl alpha)
  • 2 Cute owl elements as we want there to be plenty of snuggle animals in her life
  • 3 Baby pram digital elements - one that we'd be proud to stroll the streets in
  • 2 Baby rattle in dark and one in lighter colours to insure you have the perfect one for your scrapbook layouts, mini albums and cards
  • 8 Ribbons that work perfectly to place in a little splash of colour or pattern
  • 1 Sailboat to let you all drift off to the memories past and the memories ahead
  • 1 Owl square element - "Whooo Loves You" a fabulous finished element to quickly place into your projects
  • 1 Teddy bear digital element that certainly is cute enough to cuddle
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I....Slept Through the Night"
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I....Stood Up By Myself"
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I....Rolled Over"
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I....Ate Solid Food"
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I....Smiled"
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I....Crawled"
  • 1 Baby Milestone journal card - "Today For the First Time I..." with an area left for you to fill in the moment that you want to celebrate and remember
  • 1 Baby arrival card that includes her name, date, time, weight and height
  • 1 Year born card that will give your baby girl a sense of that year! Popular music and movies, what things cost, what was in technology and so much more. Create a baby girl scrapbook album or card that will be treasured for a lifetime!
  • 1 paintchip

    A digital scrapbooking kit and card making kit from Nitwit Collections.

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