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FQB - Woof Collection


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FQB "Woof" Collection has "gone to the Dogs"! It is an incredibly fun digital kit to celebrate your best furry friend with. We all know a dog lover and we all know how many photos and occasions we have for our beloved dogs. This kit has it all to create the most wonderful scrapbook layouts, mini albums and cards!

The rich colours and varied background papers will start your creating with ease and adding in the unique elements such as the dog tags, journal cards, paw prints, and of course your favorite canine will give you stunning results that befit your loving companion. We hope that you can enjoy creating with the same enthusiasm as your pet has for you!

See each individual paper and element of this entire Collection on our Nitwit Collections YouTube Channel to get the full scoop!!


  • 39 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Hushpuppy like dog...named Arnold! Watch out for the wet tongue!!
  • 1 Arrow element - "I Love (paw) You"
  • 1 Arrow element - "Friends furever"
  • 1 Arrow element - "First I stole your heart...."
  • 1 Arrow element - "Why I Love you so much...."
  • 4 Arrow elements - blank, for you to express your feelings, names, etc. on.
  • 1 Bone - now I thought there were two.....what is that new mound of dirt in the backyard???
  • 2 Borders in a vertical format with paw prints running the height of them (better than on your newly cleaned floor!)
  • 4 Bowties - to add a little charm
  • 6 Buttons to coordinate with this fun digital kit
  • 5 Circle mats...the perfect background element to place your main image on or perhaps a photo??
  • 1 Golden retriever like dog the likeness of our Nitwit boy Crosby
  • 6 Dog Tags - each with unique sayings on them to help you easily create the perfect layout or card!
  • 4 Dog Treat journal bones - what would a dog kit be without a bone shaped area for journaling, maybe the dog's name, etc.
  • 1 Dachshund like puppy named Duke....just look at those eyes!!
  • 1 Dachshund like dog named Harvey...or whatever name you'd like!
  • 4 Hearts - to include your love for your furry friend
  • 1 Journal card - "Dogs never lie about Love"
  • 1 Journal card - "My Best Friend" and lined for you to quickly journal on
  • 1 Journal card in the shape of a bone with lines included for your excellent writing skills
  • 1 Journal card in the shape of a bone in a vertical format, that is also lined for you
  • 1 Terrier like dog named Linus...smiling his charming smile for you
  • 3 Metal dog tags each differently embellished
  • 1 Metal paw print
  • 3 Milestone journal cards with a photospot- one as "Dog Days", one as "Puppy Love" and one as "Senior Moments"
  • 1 Multi-breed dog named Oliver..for the dog rescuer in our lives
  • 3 Coloured paw prints to easily match whatever colour palette you are creating with
  • 9 Ribbons to add that extra sparkle to your mini albums, cards and scrapbook layouts
  • 1 Pug like dog named Smithers...adorable??
  • 1 Great Dane like dog named Winston..the regal and loyal companion
  • 1 Word art of the collection of dogs with the phrase - "Some of my very best friends are furry"
  • 1 Word art with the Hushpuppy standing on a picket fence - "Beware of Dog Kisses"
  • 1 Word art with the Great Dane holding a journal card - "Dogs are not our whole life...."
  • 1 paintchip

    A digital scrapbooking and card making supplies collection from Nitwit Collections.

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