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FQB - Inventions Collections


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FQB "Inventions" Collection lets everyone's inner creative mix, boil, and formulate your scrapbook layouts and card ideas! The digital elements in this kit give you so many options on how to use this about for a birthday, a memorable science project or even a newly built home, shed or creation of your own. Take it all in and then mix, match, and create to see what your "Invention" will be!


  • 26 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Atom - no splitting now because we all know the hazards of that!
  • 3 Beakers (with non-toxic contents inside) in various shapes and colours for you to begin your scrapbook and card making "inventions" with!
  • 3 Bows to add some creative display properties to your new "invention"
  • 5 Sets of bubbles in five different colours to match your creation
  • 6 Buttons
  • 1 Cord - where will you plug in??
  • 1 Crazyometer pair with the high did you reach??
  • 1 Crazyometer - enough said!
  • 1 Gauge
  • 5 Gears to get your wheels turning on creating the perfect scrapbooking layout and card
  • 1 Inventor - complete with lab coat!
  • 3 Journal labels in the shape of light bulbs....let's hope the these give you the "a-ha" moment when journalling
  • 3 Journal tags in notepad looking form
  • 1 Label - radioactive
  • 1 Lennyometer with LG's brainwaves showing on the screen!ha,ha
  • 1 Light bulb in yellow with the light lines to show we've got our great idea (this kit?!)
  • 3 Light bulbs in blue and white
  • 1 Magnet - would be the perfect element for a scrapbook layout or card about how "magnetic" your mate/child/friend is to you!
  • 3 Molecules in various forms - there are so many types of "elements" in this kit!!ha,ha
  • 1 Period-ictable word spelled with the periodic table
  • 1 Remote control box - you don't want to be too close when it all comes together!
  • 6 Ribbons
  • 1 Satellite dish - beam your thoughts onto your paper
  • 3 Strings - remember, remember, remember
  • 4 Tags - blank for you to write in about your creation
  • 3 Test tubes filled with different coloured liquids
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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