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FQB - Sew Fitting Collection


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FQB "Sew Fitting" Collection really is fitting for so many uses and occasions! This shabby chic digital kit blends floral patterned papers and elements with a vintage feel in its button cards and borders. You will love the raspberry and teal tones to create so many different layouts and cards from, with ideas for its use such as wedding, Mother's Day, anniversary and love and so very much more as seen in our layout and card inspirations above. Soak in the sights of this wonderful design....we know you'll love it "Sew" much!!


  • 32 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 4 Borders with patterned centres and eyelet edges
  • 2 Borders with wide fabric-like centres
  • 1 Lace-like looking Border
  • 3 Bows in a colourful satin look to finish something in style
  • 4 Brads with a rich pattern embossed in them
  • 2 Button cards - "Sew Handy Buttons"....1 with the buttons attached and 1 without buttons
  • 2 Button cards with a floral finish to it....1 card with buttons and 1 without
  • 2 Button cards in a teal and pink vintage feel - 1 with buttons and 1 without
  • 1 Corner cluster - a perfect element with clustered papers, buttons and a flower
  • 8 Buttons - fabric covered and fabulous to trim your layouts and cards with
  • 2 Flower clusters with single flowers and leaves
  • 1 Flower cluster with multiple flowers and greenery
  • 1 Frame with a lace-look finish
  • 3 Journal cards - the perfect piece to add in your photos and journalling
  • 3 Journal Tags - blank with end buttons embellishing them
  • 6 Labels - blank for you to choose what to write in depending on the theme of your layout or card
  • 2 Lace Squares with corner floral decor - 1 with a Friendship saying already written and 1 blank
  • 3 Measuring tape elements - how did we measure up??ha,ha
  • 2 Needles with thread...thank goodness as the threading is the worst part!
  • 1 Pin - to "pin" your creations together with
  • 1 Quilt square - a perfect stand alone element or to create a scrapbook journal card from
  • 2 Quilt squares in a "stitched-like" with a sentiment written on it and one blank
  • 2 Quilt strips - how great are these to tuck in behind?!
  • 10 Ribbons in the coordinates of this digital kit
  • 1 Ribbon spool with a lace-like ribbon wound around it
  • 1 Ribbon spool with eyelet wrapped around it
  • 4 Ribbon spools - blank for you to choose how to use them
  • 3 Strings in a horizontal layout with a bow on one end
  • 1 String in a vertical layout
  • 1 String in a vertical layout with a bow on top
  • 3 Tags with grommet tops, wonderfully stitched and are the perfect elements for journaling on or pretty enough to be stand alone elements!
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

    Visit our Pinterest Inspiration Gallery for larger photos and more ideas!

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