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FQB - Nitwit Hollow Collection


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"Nitwit Hollow" Collection is not the spooky kind of Hollow...but the charming kind of Hollow! What do you find here?? Well, have a look! These busy gnomes have planted flowers and made a garden, built a house, and truly created a life for themselves here. The foliage keeps them busy each day, but there's always time for friendship and love in this ideal little setting. This is the perfect kit for gardening, friends, home/house, and even a grandparents theme as you will see in our card below.

See each and every element and paper that this kit has to offer by watching our Nitwit Collections™ YouTube video of this Collection (and hopefully get a laugh as well!)


  • 26 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 5 Blossoms of flowers in the colour coordinates of this collection
  • 2 Borders complete with grommets
  • 3 Bows - gingham of course
  • 5 Brads with shiny coloured centres
  • 2 Branches - we don't want to over prune at this time of year!!
  • 7 Buttons - you never know how handy these simple items are
  • 1 Daisy freshly picked with its stem and leaves
  • 1 Daisy - just the flower head - we won't say why it's missing its stem and leaves.....(dogs!..ok I will say)
  • 4 Flowers blooming their fresh faces at you
  • 2 Flower stems - you can chose which flower will adorn them
  • 2 Frames - perfect for photos or highlighting a main element in your layouts and cards!
  • 1 Frog - free as a jay bird
  • 1 Frog sitting on his toadstool - what a better way to spend a day!
  • 1 Gnome Boy - offering you a friendship flower
  • 1 Gnome Girl - daintily sitting in her dress
  • 1 Gnome Lady - just back from the garden with her pickings in her basket
  • 1 Gnome Man - lighting the way to welcome you home
  • 4 Grass elements - some blank and some already prepared with other Nitwit Hollow elements
  • 1 House - the coziest little place to settle in to
  • 2 Journal boards - perfect for your recipes, garden notes, or journaling in your layouts
  • 3 Journal strips - blank for you to fill in
  • 2 Single leaves - tuck them into your layouts and cards where you see fit
  • 1 Log - hollowed out....who lives or plays here??
  • 7 Mushrooms in differing styles and colours
  • 4 Photo corners - kind of easy to figure out how to use
  • 9 Ribbons to adorn with
  • 3 Ribbon bows - a perfect "wrap up" to your layouts and cards
  • 1 Stump - who lives in a garden without one of these
  • 1 Vine growing vigorously with flowers and leaves
  • 1 Wheelbarrow complete with loads of mushrooms for this evening's meal
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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