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FQB - Sunny Side Up Collection


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"Sunny Side Up" Collection is inspired by our Nitwit Pick A Kit 2013 Contest Winner, Jill Harrison! It is the perfect digital kit to create layouts and cards for all of your "fowl" friends and relatives! Created in the cheeriest of colours there are so many options of elements and background papers to work with including flowers, chicks, hearts, frames and of course the ginghams, ticking and homespun papers to mention only a few. Why not make something to cluck about?!


  • 39 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Border of square patches, all joined together
  • 3 Bows in a bowtie style....Colonel Sanders wore one so why not you?
  • 2 Branches - it was all that we could save when we went out to the garden after the flock was let loose
  • 6 Buttons - the Mother Hen and Father Rooster seem to lose lots from their clothing, so a few of these are a necessity
  • 1 Chick - a little male in his blue overalls
  • 1 Chick - a little girl in a sweet petticoat
  • 1 Chick just emerging from his shell
  • 1 Chick - trying its best to get out from under its shell
  • 1 Chick - a little girl in her red polka dotted dress
  • 1 Chick - a little boy showing off his blue jumper
  • 1 Chicken - a hen really....let's be politically correct!
  • 1 Coop - fully decorated by the hens complete with flowers boxes....or a salad bar as they say!
  • 3 Eggs - not everyone was ready to come out just yet
  • 1 Bucket of eggs collected from this morning
  • 2 Egg shells - use them in your cards, layouts, or sprinkle them in your garden
  • 1 Fence - nice, but as you can see all the chickens are loose.....built for beauty rather than function!
  • 8 Flowers - each a different style and colour - but use them quickly or they may be food for others
  • 4 Frames - each covered in a different coloured homespun fabric
  • 1 Grass hill to "scratch" at
  • 3 Heart Clusters
  • 2 Journaling squares - what's your favorite egg recipe or memory to journal about
  • 3 Journal tags blank - not all of us speak "Chicken" so we thought you'd like blank ones to use
  • 1 Mat of chicken wire
  • 4 Fabric Patches in different "fabric" papers to help you mend anything that was not supposed to be pecked at
  • 1 Platform for the chicken pageant perhaps?
  • 1 Ramp for assistance in using the platform
  • 8 Ribbons to colour match with this digital kit
  • 1 Rooster - he's quiet right now but I'd shut down your computer at night to keep it this way
  • 2 Stitched chickens
  • 3 Sunflowers complete with stalks - feed on a stem to some
  • 1 Paintchip


    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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