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FQB - Squeaky Clean Collection


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"Squeaky Clean" Collection is a digital kit to help remember the sweet bath time when you, your children or possibly even your grandchildren were frolicing in this wet "playground"! Bath time was so much fun to sit and play with your toys, build mountains out of the bubbles, and even give yourself that sudsy hairdo that you have admired for some time now. You may also want to use it to scrapbook about a bath renovation or possibly that summer outdoor dip in the pond or river. What ever your memory, be sure to be a kid again....and I'll know what you're thinking the next time you run the water for a bath!


  • 38 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 2 Baby Boys - in 2 different ethnicities but both with the new "bubbles" hair style
  • 2 Bath mats - you may need to make the change of them after the first bather has left
  • 3 Bathtubs - 1 with just water, 1 with bubbles added, and 1 with bubbles and a ducky...we seem like a boutique hotel to the stars....we have it all!!
  • 1 Border of water waves - don't worry these won't flow over the edge of the tub
  • 4 Bows - which girl's fresh new head will receive one of these?
  • 3 Boys - 3 little toddlers with their boats
  • 1 Bottle of bubble bath - not even opened yet
  • 4 Bubbles - a great mixture of bubbles to create with, and they don't ever pop!
  • 5 Buttons - in all of the colour coordinates of this collection
  • 3 Clips - the perfect elements to use to "hold" on a photo or element on your card
  • 2 Fish - remember those plastic ones that you put in the tub that moved their tails and seemed to swim....yeah, like that!
  • 8 Flowers - after a bath like that, you had better smell like one of these!
  • 3 Frames - great elements to use on your layouts and cards as background elements to highlight a foreground item
  • 3 Girls - who can forget the girls with their favorite rubber ducky???
  • 1 Journal Tag - blank with the rubber duck in a cluster on the side
  • 4 Mats - looking just like the plush terry towels to get wrapped into when you're done
  • 1 Dog - thankfully she loves the water!!!
  • 9 Ribbons to coordinate with this kit
  • 1 Rubber Ducky - yellow, but you have to only imagine its squeak
  • 1 Bottle of shampoo
  • 3 Bars of soap in the color coordinates of this kit, because that's class to have them match!ha,ha
  • 2 Suds clusters - in case you weren't sure how the bubbles all looked as you were the last in the family to bathe perhaps??
  • 3 Tags - with ribbon tie tops
  • 2 Towels hanging on the towel racks - it's OK to touch, they're dry....really....touch one!
  • 2 Toy boats
  • 1 Water tap Cold
  • 1 Water tap Hot
  • 1 Wordart - "Fresh & Clean"
  • 5 Word tags - blank for you to fill in to share your sentiment or adventure details
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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