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FQB - Garden Fairies Collection


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The "Garden Fairies" Collection welcomes our little fairies who help us to beautify our gardens as bees are not the only garden helpers. You will see in this Collection that the flowers are particularly healthy and full this season! A great Collection for a birthday, the lady of the house, or a floral themed layout or card. What inspires you in this digital scrapbooking or card making kit?


  • 31 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Border with coloured grommets - a little delicate for a belt though
  • 1 Border of flowers - if only we could grow these in real life!
  • 3 Bows - double bows in fact, just like double begonias
  • 1 Branch - a perfect place to sit on - may break under my weight!
  • 7 Buttons - to embellish your next bouquet with?
  • 3 Eyelets in pink and chartreuse
  • 1 Fairy - in a deep pink dress and ready to help
  • 1 Fairy - in a light pink dress in a sitting position (it's tiring being a fairy!)
  • 1 Fairy - in flight mode, with a flower to show her work of art
  • 6 Flowers - made in a sort of fabric-feel with all different patterns and colours
  • 1 Flower Cluster - just picked fresh today!
  • 3 Flower Stems - picked and ready for the florist in you
  • 2 Flower Vines - 1 darker in colour and 1 lighter in order to compliment your arrangement
  • 3 Frames with scalloped edges (see our Lil Bits "Garden Fairies Word Art for a great use for these)
  • 1 Journal Square - with an oval center in white to place in your prize winning photo perhaps?
  • 3 Journal tags - blank - with all of the uses for this Collection, you will surely have your own special words for these
  • 2 Leaves - one darker and one lighter
  • 5 Little flowers in a different style than the others in the kit to give you the variety you may crave
  • 2 Mats
  • 7 Ribbons - a sure fire use in a layout or card
  • 3 Tags - maybe give yourself 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize!
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making supplies collection from Nitwit Collections.

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