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FQB - Polar Pals Collection


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"Polar Pals" Collection is a Christmas Collection for the rest of those who live at the North and South Poles. A warmly coloured kit that includes all of their Christmas needs, as well as the characters who inhabit these Poles, in case you've never made the trek to the North or South Pole. See, now you can cross this off your life's bucket list of "Exploring the Poles", and at Christmas time no less!!


  • 30 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Bird - complete with his "winter-wear" on
  • 1 Border of snow covered trees - and I mean snow-covered!
  • 3 Bows - for tree decorations of course
  • 5 Buttons
  • 1 Candy Cane wrapped to beauty - they have a little tough time tying the bows without any thumbs
  • 4 Flowers - there is a flower than can survive there, I guess
  • 4 Journal Strips - blank and coloured matched to this Collection
  • 2 Leaves in different shades
  • 2 Mittens - even they need mittens for protection at times
  • 6 Ornaments - brightly coloured and in different styles to decorate their tree with
  • 1 Oval cluster journal tag
  • 1 Penguin
  • 4 Photo corners - cause there are no more than 4 corners on a photo!
  • 1 Polar Bear with his Christmas sweater on
  • 1 Polar Pals - the collection of them all!
  • 6 Ribbons to finish their gifts with
  • 2 Snow banks - Ok I think there's a few more than 2 snow banks at the Poles, but you get the idea
  • 6 Snowflakes - every one of them different, just like it is in nature
  • 1 Snowman - decked out and ready for Christmas dinner or maybe some caroling - who'll know if he sings off key?
  • 2 Tags - a great item so there's no snowball fights over the gifts
  • 3 Trees - decorated somewhat, we wanted to leave a little something for them to finish
  • 1 Paintchip

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