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FQB - Aye Aye Captain Collection


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So I believe I already told you of my great love for fabric, right? and I seem to remember mentioning how I love quilts, right? Though it's true that I have yet to attempt to make one in "real life" that doesn't stop me from happily browsing through all those gorgeous co-ordinated fat quarters at my local quilt shoppe. Well all those darling little bundles tied with pretty bows are the inspiration for my new series of kits appropriately named "FAT QUARTER BUNDLES".

My "Aye Aye Captain" Collection is yet another in this series! This kit is inspired by my love for all things nautical. I don't know where that love came from especially growing up in land-locked Saskatchewan for crying out loud but it's there none the less! hahahaha Full of waves, whales, boats, anchors, and life preservers... hopefully this kit will be perfect for all your little captains! Ahoy there maties! hahahahaha


  • 8 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Backgrounds (blueticking, boats, gingham, ginhamyellow, plaid, stripes, waves, yellowanchors)
  • 1 stitched quilted waves background
  • 1 stitched anchor (anchor your love peeps!)
  • 1 stitched boat (come sail away with me)
  • 1 stitched quilted border of strips
  • 2 bows (white, yellow)
  • 1 brad with anchor
  • 8 buttons (blue, boat, plaidblue, slate, stripeblue, stripes, yellow, yellowsolid)
  • 1 stitched life preserver (safety first folks!)
  • 2 quilting pin with bows (one with tag)
  • 7 ribbons (buttons, ginghamslate, ginghamyellow, knotted, slate, stripe, yellow)
  • 1 ribbon with bow (blue)
  • 1 stitched helm (to set your course properly)
  • 1 tag with bow and boat
  • 1 journal oveal tag
  • 2 ribbon ties (blue, slate)
  • 1 wave border
  • 1 wave splash
  • 1 stitched whale (cause something is always fishy, hey?)
  • 1 paintchip

  • Crates, Ribbon Spool, and Button Card for Store Display Purposes only.

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