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Knick Knack - M Is For


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Is M for marvelous or for Mother or is it an M's all your choice when creating with this Knick Knack!

With such a statement as the large M letter on your main really is a breeze creating with this! Add in the decoupage element layers to enhance and add interest, choose whichever completed inside sentiment works for you and you have one "MMMMarvelous" paper craft!! Find all of the coordinating pattern papers and additional elements in our Wildflowers Collection that we're sure you'll also love.


  • 24 Print then cut elements that are so easy to create with. Just choose which completed main element and/or inside sentiment work perfectly for you, decoupage them as much or as little as you wish and quick as a've created something very special! Be sure to check out our coordinating Wildflowers Collection before you begin creating to see what else you'd like to add to complete your papercraft.

  • Check out our tutorial video on resizing and working with the Knick Knacks on our Nitwit Collections YouTube Channel if you need a little help.

  • Knick Knack products are not available for Digital License holders to use "as is" (Printed License is fine). Must use other elements to add to this image to create something new.

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