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FQB - Super Stuey Collection


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"Super Stuey" Collection was created from my childhood memories of my brother safety-pinning a towel around his neck and pretending to be the next great superhero! Doesn't every young boy do this? They save the cat or dog from imminent danger, leap over tall coffee tables in one single bound, and restore order to the trees and shrubs that threaten our very lives!ha,ha What memories do have?


  • 27 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Border of buttons - a great many in case our superhero should lose any fighting the criminals!
  • 3 Borders
  • 3 Bows - to dress up a little at a formal or something
  • 7 Buttons - singles - easier to carry as our superhero has no pockets on his pants!
  • 1 Cityline - safe and sound while Super Stuey is here
  • 2 Crests - the badge of honor!
  • 4 Eyelets
  • 1 Jounal tag oval - blank for you to pen in your memories
  • 3 Journal tags - in various colours to match your creation
  • 1 Lightning Bolt - 1 is more than enough, no?
  • 1 Lightning Bolt and cloud - you had to ask for more lightning, didn't you?!
  • 3 Little Tags - upright tags for writing on or maybe a ransom note in secret ink?
  • 3 Name plates - good to record those you've captured
  • 4 Photocorners
  • 8 Ribbons
  • 6 Stars - my brother always told me "You'll see Stars if I catch you!"
  • 4 Superkids - all in different coloured suits and with different poses
  • 1 Talk bubble - "Super Boy to the Rescue"
  • 1 Paintchip

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