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FQB - Nitwitville Collection


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So I believe I already told you of my great love for fabric, right? and I seem to remember mentioning how I love quilts, right? Though it's true that I have yet to attempt to make one in "real life" that doesn't stop me from happily browsing through all those gorgeous co-ordinated fat quarters at my local quilt shoppe. Well all those darling little bundles tied with pretty bows are the inspiration for my new series of kits appropriately named "FAT QUARTER BUNDLES".

My "Nitwitville" Collection is yet another in this series! A few years back the Little General and I painted a whole bunch of little buildings to make ourselves a Christmas village. This little village is one of our favourite christmas decorations to put out each year and that was the inspiration for wanting to create a little "digital" holiday village.... appropriately named Nitwitville! hahahaha This darling little town is just the place I'd like to live full time. Wonderful little shops and even a little house for me and the Little General to reside in with our dogs at our feet by the fire! Doesn't that sound like bliss?


  • 22 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Backgrounds (in various colours and patterns)
  • 7 buttons in various styles and colours
  • 1 little bank building (don't worry they have better hours of operation in Nitwitville! hahaha)
  • 1 little cafe which is open and ready to serve you up some delicious fares!
  • 1 little garage (the mechanic here is a real peach! No pressure, no hassles!)
  • 1 little house (oooh but that's the place for me!)
  • 1 street lamp with welcome sign
  • 1 mail box (gotta make sure those letters to Santa get posted!)
  • 3 "snow" mountains so you can create you own little town scene
  • 1 snowcapped picket fence (my house has got to have a white picket fence, folks! haha)
  • 1 little post office (get your holiday parcels ready!)
  • 1 little quilt shoppe (where we can browse for the newest holiday fabrics)
  • 4 ribbon curls in various colours
  • 6 stitched ribbons in various styles and patterns
  • 2 "snowy" snowbanks to put around your house or other buildings
  • 4 stitched snowflakes
  • 1 little snowman (cause we'd for sure build a snowmen in the meadow, right?)
  • 1 little toy shop (crammed full of all those lovely toys!)
  • 3 little stitched snowcapped trees
  • 1 little truck delivering a Christmas tree (where ya want it, folks? hahaha)
  • 1 paintchip

  • Oh how can I move to Nitwitville?!! haha

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