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FQB - Tour of London


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"Tour of London" Collection is created with the 2012 Summer Olympics and travel season coming up very shortly. For everyone who has been or has a trip planned, we hope that you enjoy this Collection every bit as much as your visit to London! **Don't miss the Lil Bits "Tour of London" that co-ordinates with this FQB for even more creative ideas.


  • 30 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Big Ben - are there really more??
  • 1 Bobby Policeman - he is watching you right now!
  • 1 Border in the traditional colours
  • 3 Borders of flags - festive anyone??
  • 4 Bows
  • 1 British Boy - showing his pride
  • 1 British Girl - letting you know that she won't ask for candy, or a pony or anything, very easy going girl!!
  • 7 Buttons
  • 1 Heart cluster in traditional colours
  • 1 Double Decker bus - see if you can get the driver to stop at the pub just ahead!!
  • 1 Flag - Union Jack
  • 1 Flag on a flagpole
  • 5 Flowers - kind of a fabric daisy
  • 8 Hearts - there's a lot of pride in these hearts you know!
  • 2 Journal Squares
  • 5 Journal Strips - blank - to note places or times on your visit
  • 1 Phone Booth - no quarters needed, but I think the operator is sleeping??
  • 1 Quiltmat
  • 9 Ribbons in all of the colour and styles to compliment perfectly
  • 1 Royal Guard - he will not talk, he will not even look at you!!
  • 1 Paintchip

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