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Quilty Pleasures


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What can I say? I'm a fabric nut. I'm always drawn to patterns, colors, textures, etc and have always harbored a secret desire to make myself a lovely quilt. But it'll never happen, peeps, as I'm just not that patient a nitwit... so what's the next best thing for me? Well a digital quilt, of course! hahaha So that was the inspiration for my "Quilty Pleasures" kit. and true to my obsessive nature I just couldn't seem to stop myself from making swatches of all sorts of fabrics, stuffed heart pillows, buttons, even a pin for crying out loud! So that's why this kit turned out to be a "STUFFED" kit. All that means is it's "stuffed" with more goodies than the regular nitwit kits, peeps! hahaha Ooooh it was a hoot to make... so satisfying. Don't be surprised iffen you see another such kit show up on the shelves some time! Hope you like it too!


  • 28 backgrounds of all sorts of "homemade" fabric patterns (yup, you read that right! Told you I had an overkill type personality!)
  • 2 metal brads (couldn't decide which one I liked better so I threw 'em both in there)
  • 8 buttons (floral, gold, green, green gingham, metal, pink, pinkwords, red check)
  • 3 messy buttons with string dangling from them (pink hearts, red, taupe)
  • 1 envelope frame (perfect to layer over your photo and perhaps even add some journaling and hearts to it?)
  • 1 flower heart embroidery
  • 2 puffy "stitched" flowers (pink flower, heart flower)
  • 1 patchwork heart pillow
  • 1 blanket stitched heart
  • 7 fabric hearts (3 fabric scrap hearts, one pink quilted heart, three pillow hearts)
  • 2 ribbon bows (pink, taupe)
  • 2 pins (one safety pin and one straight pin)
  • 3 quilting squares (oooh these were so satisfying to make!)
  • 2 ribbon with bows (green, red)
  • 4 ricrac elements (amber, green, pink, red)
  • 3 scalloped stitched borders (amber, pink, red)
  • 2 stitched ribbons (green, pink)
  • 1 stitchery sample with saying (aaaaaaah)
  • 3 stitches (cream straight stitch, cream zigzag, dark zigzag)
  • 1 fabric tag with hearts
  • 2 tags with ties (flower, heart)
  • 4 ribbon ties (amber, cream hearts, pink, red check)
  • 9 twill ribbons (some with buttons, some with sayings, and one with a heart threaded on it!)
  • 1 puffy "stitched" flower border
  • 1 paintchip
  • PLEASE NOTE... when I say "STUFFED" I mean stuffed with a capital ST! This is a huge kit and therefore will be a huge download! I highly suggest you start your download and then toddle off to vacuum, sweep the cinders from the hearth, make lunch, eat said lunch, do your taxes, and then perhaps come back and by then it should be half done! hahahaha

  • I tried my best with the previews, folks, but there was just only so much stuff I could cram on them there display cards!

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