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FQB - On Nitwit Pond Collection


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"On Nitwit Pond" Collection lets you bask in the cool waters of this kit! All of the pond critters are ready and waiting to enjoy the day with you...minus the pesky mosquitos and flies, ha,ha! What is your creative spirit telling you to make with this kit?? Is it a friendship card or party invitation, or a scrapbooking layout of a day at the beach or your favorite swimming hole? If you need a little help, take a look at our layout and card on this page....we hope that it inspires you! Now to find the time, cause we know you're thinking about a day off to enjoy your pond!


  • 29 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Bee - always "Bee-ing" friendly to you
  • 3 Bows - for your picnic basket perhaps??
  • 3 Branches from three different plants - we are diverse aren't we?!ha,ha
  • 1 Butterfly - ready to flit by and let you enjoy the magic of their flight
  • 7 Buttons that coordinate perfectly with this kit
  • 4 Cattails that we thought you could use to adorn your cards and scrapbooking layouts with
  • 2 Clusters of cattails, grass, mushrooms, etc. It's easier to sometimes place in a finished element.
  • 2 Daisy flowers to brighten your day
  • 1 Dragonfly - they don't look like they??
  • 1 Fish in full side view
  • 1 Fish jumping out of the water complete with waves and splashes
  • 9 Flowers - we couldn't resist picking these and sharing them with you!
  • 2 Frogs sitting and waiting to play. One is offering you a flower as a bribe?ha,ha
  • 1 Frog hanging out on a branch
  • 1 Frog just peeking out of the water, complete with waves and splashes
  • 2 Grass pieces - not mown
  • 3 Journal mats for your thoughts
  • 7 Journal strips - blank, for you to personalize them
  • 4 Leaves - the big, wide kind you see around the pond
  • 2 Lilypads - will you leave them blank on your card or scrapbooking layout or will a critter be perched on them?
  • 2 Lotus flowers in different colours - a beautiful site floating on the water
  • 3 Mushrooms - non poisonous, but I still wouldn't eat them!
  • 2 Pond elements - 1 is plain and 1 has the cattails, etc. around it
  • 10 Ribbons to help add in that extra touch to your scrapbook layouts and cards
  • 1 Snail - he almost missed getting in the know how slow he is!
  • 1 Splash of water droplets element
  • 2 Turtles - one in frontal view and one in side view
  • 1 Wordart - "These are the Moments...."
  • 1 Worm - crawling up to meet you
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

    Visit our Pinterest Inspiration Gallery for larger photos and more ideas!

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