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Fly By Night - Life Planner Stickers


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"Fly By Night" Life Planner Stickers let's you celebrate one of the best parts of October....Halloween!! Who doesn't love to either get dressed up in costume or enjoy the works of others. Our friendly witch will show you the way to celebrate this month with a little whimsy, and a little of the devilish side to your personality!

These digital sticker sheets fit most popular planners....all you have to do is download, print and cut and you're ready to create and decorate your planner however you see fit with the multitude of options that these sticker sheets offer. You receive your downloads in pdf, jpg and png formats.

**Please remember when you print, to print at 100% of actual size rather than "scale to fit page" so that your printed sheets match the sizes below!**

Included in the 3 Sticker Sheets:

  • 16 - 1.5" x 1.9" full boxes with our friendly Halloween spooks showing off how they celebrate October!
  • 6 - 1.5" x 0.95" detailed half boxes with some that are fully decorated for you and some that you can personalize yourself
  • 4 - 1.5" wide box strips that make the perfect colourful stickers to enliven your life planner pages
  • 8 - Appointment digital stickers...more than just which houses to go trick or treating to...
  • 8 - Reminder digital stickers...when to pick up your costume, when to carve your pumpkin...stuff like that
  • 8 - Errand digital stickers that will remind you what to get for the party!
  • 8 - To Do digital stickers...not like toilet paper someone's yard....let's keep it friendly people
  • 9 - Phone digital stickers in the coordinating colours of this life planner sticker set
  • 4 - Small flag elements each in the differently coloured star're a star aren't you?!
  • 2 - Arrow elements to point to a special event, day or which day is important to you??
  • 3 - Arrow shaped elements to direct you through your days, appointments, and onto the fun of life
  • 3 - Square element stickers with Oct 31, a pumpkin and a witch in one of them....are you seeing a pattern?!ha,ha
  • 12 - 0.6" intricately designed dots to place anywhere you see much fun are these?!
  • 1 - Chevron striped strip to place as a bookmark, directly on your page as decor or to highlight a certain weekend perhaps??
  • 4 - 7.25" long digital washi tape like elements to add some real punch to your life planner pages
  • 1 - RIP tombstone with an area for you to fill in or use it as a journal tag to tell yourself of a bad habit you're putting to rest
  • 1 - Square tag with October 31 highlighted
  • 1 - Saquare tag - "Beware of Spooks" (maybe to note your office/School Halloween party?)
  • 4 - Sentiment tags with sentiments already written in for you to easily place into your pages
  • 2 - Sentiment tags, blank, for you to write in whatever you wish (kind of like rubbing Aladdin's lamp)
  • 1 - Sentiment tag - "Best Witches for a Happy Halloween..."
  • 1 - Witch's know where to hang your hat!

    Life Planner Stickers are not available for resale by License holders

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