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FQB - Snow Princess Collection


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"Snow Princess" Collection gives you a winter wonderland in all its splendor! Our Snow Princess is out strolling in her castle grounds with the creatures enjoying the outing with her. Look at the trees covered with snow, the winter flowers in full bloom and the sparkle in each snowflake. Isn't this what Winter is truly about....embracing all the sights and delights that it has to offer! Put down your snow shovel and grab your computer mouse to browse through this Collection and see what charmed Winter memories you want to create!

See each and every element and paper that this kit has to offer by watching our Nitwit Collections™ YouTube video of this Collection (and hopefully get a laugh as well!)


  • 26 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Bird chirping happily
  • 1 Border of snowflakes with sparkling purple centres
  • 1 Border of snowflakes with radiant teal centres
  • 1 Border in a quilted fabric-like fashion
  • 3 Bows with snowflake centres
  • 3 Brads with glittering centres
  • 1 Bunny in his winter "suit"
  • 1 Bunting of beautiful white snowflakes
  • 7 Buttons in the wintry colours of this digital scrapbooking and card making Collection
  • 1 Castle adorned for winter
  • 1 Cluster of wintry blooms
  • 1 Cluster of winter flowers and snowflakes
  • 1 Cluster of winter flowers with radiant swirls
  • 1 Crown for the monarch of the castle
  • 1 Flower garland
  • 1 Flower garland with multiple swags
  • 1 Frame - perfect for your winter photo
  • 3 Journal tags - blank for you to fill in
  • 3 Labels - the perfect element for dates and titles
  • 4 Photo corners
  • 1 Polar bear - decked out for a winter party
  • 3 Princess ladies with different hair colours to suit your project
  • 8 Ribbons in various coordinating patterns and colours
  • 3 Snowbanks - we don't want to bury you!
  • 5 Snowflakes - each with a different shape or colour
  • 3 Trees with their branches draped in snow
  • 1 Wand - give it a try, who knows what it will create?
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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