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Who does this Nitwit think she is?

Hi peeps! My name is Mary Fran and I am a craft-oholic! Whew! feels good to just say it, doesn't it? I have been amusing myself through various outlets of creativity as long as I can remember. From the beginning of painting rocks into ladybugs to this newest love of digital scrapbooking. I have been scrapbooking in some way, shape or form for years now. This obsession of wanting to preserve my memories began with the humblest of supplies (safety scissors, glue, and magazines from the Salvation Army). The love today is exactly the same but the tools needed have tripled in value!

My thought behind offering my kits for sale is a fun endeavor for me. My primary focus in life is always to just try and squeeze as many happy moments and chuckles as I can from each and every day. When I first monkeyed around with making a kit it was simply for the pure fun of it all! The encouragement and the desire of others to actually share my creations is what has lead me to open this shop. This latest, in a long, long line of creative endeavors, has allowed me to fully explore my passion for creation as well as personal growth! Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and kind!

Hi, my name is LG (Little General, and Mary's husband)! I am the assistant to the Head Nitwit (Mary Fran, of course)! I am the chief bottle washer, dog-letter-outer, administration guy, and all round good Joe. Mary Fran needed some more time to create her wonderful digital scrapbooking collections, and so I joined her to help give her this time. Good thing for all of us, don't you think? I'll leave the creating to her, because I seem to get side-tracked in the creating and just end up eating my paste!!ha,ha

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