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Welcome to the Alphawits category where you will find the digital scrapbooking elements of co-ordinated alphabets for my digital scrapbooking kits and card making supplies. These digital alphas are a perfect addition to use in your layouts and cards for titles, names, dates, and more! Browse away, and when you find something you like, remember to check the very bottom of the page that shows everything else in that Collection!

Alphawit - Garden Party Talk

"Garden Party" Talk is a colourful floral alpha for you to use in your cards, mini albums and scrapbook layouts to highlight names, dates, places, or...

Alphawit - Lavender Talk

"Lavender" Talk furnishes you with the letters, numbers and some punctuation that you will need to highlight names, dates, places, and words in your...

Alphawit - Everlasting Talk

"Everlasting" Talk gives you the letters and numbers for you to highlight names, dates, titles and more in your wedding mini albums, scrapbook...

Alphawit - Idyllic Talk

"Idyllic" Talk blends the colourful and peacefulness of the digital kit with the individual letters for you to accentuate names, dates, titles and...

Alphawit - Birdsong Talk

"Birdsong" Talk can be used to "sing" out your perfect phrase, sentiment, name, date, place, etc. Let your words ring out on your cards, scrapbook...

Alphawit - Cherish Talk

"Cherish" Talk furnishes you with large size letters and numbers to use in your scrapbook layouts, mini albums and cards to enhance special words,...

Alphawit - Friendship Talk

"Friendship" Talk is the perfect digital element to punctuate your mini albums, cards and scrapbook layouts with style! Use it is place on your...

Alphawit - Girly Girl Talk

"Girly Girl" Talk allows you to capture that perfect feeling by highlighting it in words on your cards, scrapbook layouts and mini albums. Don't miss...

Alphawit - Petals & Parasols Talk

"Petals & Parasols" Talk adds words to your creative ideas when making your scrapbook layouts, mini albums and cards. Words are so important to...

Alphawit - Sparkle Talk

"Sparkle" Talk lets you be creative and poignant with your Christmas message. Spell out and punctuate your name, date, title or phrase in your mini...

Alphawit - Eat Drink & Be Merry Talk

"Eat Drink & Be Merry" Talk lets you add in an eventful name, title, recipe, date, etc. into your scrapbook layouts, cards and mini albums to give...

Alphawit - Christmas Romance Talk

"Christmas Romance" Talk adds an air of refinement to any of your scrapbook layouts, mini albums and cards when used to highlight a name, date,...

Alphawit - December Memoirs Talk

"December Memoirs" Talk let's you boldly display the names, dates, titles and more that capture your creations' embodiment. Sing it out loud!!...

Alphawit - Pumpkin Patch Talk

"Pumpkin Patch" Talk lets you bring even more life to your mini albums, scrapbook layouts and cards with this vibrant alphabet. Set in the Fall...

Alphawit - Woof Talk

"Woof" Talk is not bark, whine or is actually an alpha that let's you speak your mind! Use this colourful digital alphabet to highlight...

Alphawit - Happy Happy Talk

"Happy" Talk aligns the colours and theme of this digital kit with a lowercase alphabet for you to be able to highlight names, dates, titles, etc. in...

Alphawit - Fireside Christmas Talk

"Fireside Christmas" Talk gives you the uppercase letters to be able to spell out your message succinctly. Memories or messages are always better...

Alphawit - Sun-Kissed Talk

"Sun-Kissed" Talk is not to spell out how bad your sunburn was, or who took the last beach chair....let's use it for the greater good people!!ha,ha...

Alphawit - Baby's Firsts Girl Talk

"Baby's Firsts Girl" Talk is created in a cute block form to enchance the feel and look when creating with this digital kit. Every baby has building...

Alphawit - Baby's Firsts Boy Talk

"Baby's Firsts Boy" Talk are created in a cute block form to enchance the feel and look when creating with this digital kit. Every baby has building...

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