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Digital Stamps

Welcome to the Nitwit Collections™ Digital Stamps category! Digital Stamps are a great way to gain even greater creative control over your cards and digital scrapbooking layouts. They allow you to colour, embellish, glitter, etc. this image to give you the exact look that you were looking to achieve.

Each of these stamps come to you with 2 files in your download. One file is saved as a .jpg file for those of you who like to print it and use it in your physical paper project. You also receive a .png file for those of you who would like to use it digitally, thus preserving its transparency for you to layer the stamp on whatever you choose in order to finish it to your liking.

Have fun, and create, create, and create!!

Flight School - Stamp 1

"Flight School" Digital Stamp 1 is of the barn/shed image. I have left the sign blank to let you fill it in for what suits your project. The choice...

Flight School - Stamp 2

"Flight School" Digital Stamp 2 shows off Santa! What colour should he be for your creation? Should he have glitter or real cotton for his beard? The...

Flight School - Stamp 3

"Flight School" Digital Stamp 3 has one of our reindeer doing his flight training. Is he maybe jumping something, pulling a sled or flying...the...

Tapestry of Christmas - Digital Stamp

"Tapestry of Christmas" Digital Stamp is our old world type of Santa holding a Christmas ornament. Imagine how you could embellish him to give him...

Polar Pals - Digital Stamp

"Polar Pals" Digital Stamp lets you color in, glitter and make all of the creative decisions as to how this image should look on your project. A...

Mr and Mrs - Digital Stamp

"Mr. and Mrs." Digital Stamp gives Mrs. Claus her just do. She is always quietly working in the background, and we just thought that she should have...

Ho Ho Ho - Digital Stamp

"Ho Ho Ho" Digital Stamp finds Santa waving to you, and waiting for you to bring him to life with your creativity! Just look at that happy face!! The...

Pinky Swear - Stamp 1

Pinky Swear Digital Stamp 1 is our little skipping girl. Just look at that happy face!! The choice is yours with this digital stamp. A great creative...

Finncy's Garden - Stamp

Finncy's Garden Digital Stamp is Finncy in all his glory in the garden patch. You will certainly have your creative way with this one, as there are...

Super Meewee - Stamp 1

Super Meewee Stamp 1 is our Super Girl Superhero. Give her all that she deserves with your creative additions to this stamp! The choice is yours with...

Super Meewee - Stamp 2

Super Meewee Stamp 2 is our Super Girl in action. Is she jumping a building? Is she in motion after the bad guys? The choice is yours with this...

Super Stuey - Stamp 1

Super Stuey Stamp 1 is the city that you're superhero protects. What colour are the buildings? Should you make the windows have the lights on, or...

Super Stuey - Stamp 2

Super Stuey Stamp 2 is our superhero himself. You can now make your superhero into the likeness of you're choosing. The choice is yours with this...

Fairytale Dreams - Stamp 1

Fairytale Dreams Stamp 1 is a fairy princess castle. The bricks are highlighted, the flags are flying, and all it needs is your creativity to make it...

Fairytale Dreams - Stamp 2

Fairytale Dreams Stamp 2 is a Fairy Princess image. What colour will her dress be? What about her hair? And should her crown jewels be glittered and...

Big Top - Stamp 1

Big Top Digital Stamp 1 is just what we all see at the circus. A Clown! He happens to be juggling balls, but you could easily remove the balls from...

Big Top - Stamp 2

Big Top Digital Stamp 2 is the quintessential circus scene. Ah the Big Top, weren't we all destined to be in lights!!ha,ha I hope that you can find a...

Tippy Toes - Stamp 3

Tippy Toes Digital Stamp 3 is a flower cluster that would be a great embellishment as a main image or as an accompaniment in your card or layout. The...

Tippy Toes - Stamp 2

Tippy Toes Digital Stamp 2 is an adorable ballerina ready for your ideas as to how she should look. Should she have blonde hair or brunette? What...

Tippy Toes - Stamp 1

Tippy Toes Digital Stamp 1 is a beautifully posed ballerina ready for your ideas as to how she should look. Should she have blonde hair or brunette?...
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