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FQB - Bear Academy Collection


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"Bear Academy" Collection is your back to school source! It has pencils, books, loose leaf paper and more....why go shopping to the store when it's all here?! The bears are ready to learn with their books in hand and raising their paws at their desks...what memory will you use them for. Don't miss this kit as well for making cards as there are the perfect digital elements to reconnect with old classmates or make a invitations for a class reunion.

See each and every element and paper that this kit has to offer by watching our Nitwit Collections™ YouTube video of this Collection (and hopefully get a laugh as well!)


  • 36 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Apple - get on your teacher's good side from the start!
  • 1 Backpack to hold all of your school supplies
  • 1 Boy bear ready to give his apple to his new teacher
  • 1 Girl bear also ready to give her apple to her teacher
  • 1 Boy bear sitting with his books
  • 1 Girl bear reading already and getting a head start
  • 1 Boy bear at his desk with his paw raised
  • 1 Girl bear looking studious at her desk
  • 2 Binder journals with loose leaf paper...maybe a nice note to write to someone special
  • 1 Stack of books....aren't you glad to be done school and homework!!
  • 1 Stack of books with one open to start your year off right
  • 1 Border in chalkboard style
  • 2 Borders with all of the elements already on them
  • 3 String bows - tie one to your finger so you won't forget your lunch!
  • 6 Buttons - recess wreaks havoc on clothes
  • 1 Piece of chalk
  • 8 Crayons in the colours of this collection
  • 3 Flowers - picked on the way to school (sorry Mrs. Adams!)
  • 1 Globe - can you see your house in it??
  • 1 Grade Journal to fill in all of the info for this school year
  • 1 Grade Journal blank for you to create yourself
  • 4 Journal strips - blank
  • 1 Leaf - the others blew away in the wind
  • 3 Lockers - OK we forgot the combinations to the locks so they will have to remain closed!
  • 4 Mats - not the kind to wipe your shoes on
  • 1 Notebook
  • 1 Set of notebooks
  • 1 Paintbrush - there's more to school than reading, writing and arithmetic
  • 2 Pencils - in case one breaks or you lend one to a friend
  • 3 Photoprongs - it won't be long till the yearly photos will be taken
  • 9 Ribbons in the colours and patterns to match this Collection
  • 1 Ruler
  • 1 School bell (ok so we're dating ourselves a little with this element!)
  • 4 Stars - we're all stars!!
  • 2 Strings with bows on one end
  • 2 String pieces
  • 3 Tags with strings attached
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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