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FQB - Super Meewee Collection


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"Super Meewee" Collection is what I would look like if I was a Superhero! If you ever wonder in the future, "What does this Mary Fran look like?" I will direct you to this Collection!ha,ha Girl Power is alive and well...and if you need a little, here it is!


  • 27 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 1 Border of Stars - kinda like our Walk of Fame?
  • 1 Border of buttons
  • 3 Bows - in differing styles and colours
  • 7 Buttons - sewing on a button is right easy, isn't it Girls?
  • 1 Cityline - hang it in your window and you now have a home with a View!
  • 2 Crests - 1 with SuperKid and one with a Star emblazened on them
  • 6 Flowers - all uniquely coloured
  • 1 Journal tag oval - blank for you to pen in your memories
  • 3 Journal strips - in various colours to match your creation
  • 1 Lightning Bolt - use this when someone mocks the Girl Power
  • 1 Lightning Bolt and cloud
  • 3 Little Tags - now that I look at them, they kind of look like your suitcase tags...Hmmm, inspiration for a layout or card??
  • 3 Name plates - Most people only have 1 name, but maybe not?!
  • 4 Photocorners - to "Frame the Bad Guys"?
  • 6 Ribbons - in all of the colours to make them useful for your coloured layout or card
  • 6 Stars - We're all stars in our own lives...or at least we should be!
  • 4 Supergirls - all in different coloured outfits and with different poses
  • 1 Talk bubble - "Super Girl to the Rescue"
  • 1 Paintchip

    A digital scrapbooking and card making supplies collection from Nitwit Collections.

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