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FQB - So Berry Precious


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So I believe I already told you of my great love for fabric, right? and I seem to remember mentioning how I love quilts, right? Though it's true that I have yet to attempt to make one in "real life" that doesn't stop me from happily browsing through all those gorgeous co-ordinated fat quarters at my local quilt shoppe. Well all those darling little bundles tied with pretty bows are the inspiration for my series of kits appropriately named "FAT QUARTER BUNDLES".

My "So Berry Precious" Collection is yet another in this FQB series! Thankfully mice were floating around in my head, and not in my house, and they just had to be drawn and shared. So Berry Precious is a soft take of a sweet field mouse in Spring (and I can see them in this light, as they are not invading my house, ha,ha). A character made for children's stories...just look at them!! Can't you hear it now "Andy lived in the tall grass behind the barn and carefully gathered his food while basking in the Spring sun.....". Start your own story with this Collection which would be a great kit for Spring, or child, or those outdoor photos of picnics, etc. Hopefully this kit will give you that creative inspiration to dream and let your fingers do the work!


  • 25 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 2 Borders in a "quilted" look - remember I've never done a real quilt!
  • 9 Buttons in as many different shapes, textures, and colours
  • 1 Circlemat (kinda looks like a coaster for your cold lemonade to sit on)
  • 2 Flowers - it's Spring when the flowers look like this!
  • 1 Journal circle - embellished with a flower
  • 2 Leaves - quick, tuck them in before people think you're picking them!
  • 1 Mouse in a berry basket - see they're cute in this context!
  • 1 Mouse in the grass - better than a "snake in the grass" anyday!
  • 1 Mouse just being his/her sweet little self
  • 2 Name plates, left blank for that special name to be entered in
  • 1 Phrase tag with "So Berry Precious" written for you
  • 2 Phrase tags that are blank - maybe you should have a go at what's written
  • 2 Pinwheels in quilted "fabric"
  • 3 Quilt squares - a good pattern for me if I ever get the time to make a real quilt
  • 6 Ribbons in different colours and styles
  • 1 Ribbon frame
  • 2 Ribbon bows
  • 3 Ric rac strips - they are bent on purpose, they weren't left in water
  • 2 Scallop borders
  • 2 Flowers in a silk look
  • 2 Strawberries - one is ripe, and the other is a little behind
  • 2 String bows one in pink and one in brown
  • 1 paintchip

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