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FQB - Nitwit Thicket Collection


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Outside of Nitwitville, beyond Nitwit Hollow lies Nitwit Thicket. Now what is out there?? Well, our "Nitwit Thicket" Collection will give you a glimpse into this magical world. There are birds singing, squirrels gathering acorns, bunnies hopping through the flowers and leaves, and other friendly animals to welcome you to their special place in the world.
Why not peek in there and see what story you can create with the flora and fauna of this Collection!

See each and every element and paper that this kit has to offer by watching our Nitwit Collections™ YouTube video of this Collection (and hopefully get a laugh as well!)


  • 32 "Fat Quarter Fabric" Background Papers (in various colours and patterns)
  • 2 Acorns - ripe and ready for collecting
  • 1 Acorn cluster
  • 1 Bear - very friendly as we fed him before releasing him for you!
  • 1 Bird - I think he just flew in
  • 1 Bird sitting on the stump....can you hear him chirping??
  • 1 Border of fabric-like circles
  • 1 Border of grasses, flowers, and other things you'd find on the forest floor
  • 3 Bows
  • 6 Brads in fabric-feel coverings
  • 5 Branches that we collected during our walk, and wanted to share with you
  • 6 Buttons clad in the colours of this digital kit
  • 8 Flowers - perfectly dried and presented to you
  • 1 Fox - he's looking a little wryly at us, no??
  • 4 Grass clusters, some small, some larger, some full, some less.....what works for you?
  • 2 Journal squares with the lines on for you to even handwrite something special
  • 3 Journal strips - blank for you to fill in
  • 9 Leaves - all different to allow you to mix and match them for how you see fit
  • 1 Log - no animals present....did I scare them away??
  • 1 Log with the rabbit and bird having a little chat around the "log cooler"
  • 3 Mats
  • 1 Owl - wondering "whooo" is going to use him in their layout or card
  • 1 Rabbit - use him quickly before he hops off
  • 1 Raccoon showing us his "log cabin"
  • 1 Raccoon by himself
  • 8 Ribbons
  • 3 Ribbon bows to decorate with
  • 1 Skunk - he's just had a bath before coming
  • 1 Squirrel - I think he's looking at that bowl of snacks beside your computer screen
  • 1 Stump - no chopping here
  • 3 Trees - still in all their fullness
  • 3 Flower trees in their beauty
  • 1 Paintchip

    A Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Card Making Kit from Nitwit Collections™.

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